Making your business more efficient and profitable

At Milroy Engineering, we have a history of taking on challenging manufacturing problems and developing creative solutions to overcome them. Whether you need specialized parts. a machine that doesn’t exist yet, or you want to increase the efficiency of your processes, Milroy’s team of highly skilled engineers and problem solvers can help.

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Our Philosophy

At Milroy, we’re committed to delivering a high standard of quality and precision in everything we do.

We’re a family-run business built on honesty, integrity, and trust, and we will treat your business as though it were our own. We believe in sharing our knowledge with you and we will openly offer you our professional expertise every step of the way.

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Great service is our promise

Our Clients are at the heart of everything we do.

We will listen to your needs, understand the underlying issue, and customize a long-lasting solution to help you achieve your goals. We want your business to succeed, and since your success is our success, we promise to deliver the best possible result for your project.

“Super knowledgeable, very personable, honest, hardworking guys, they’ll stick their neck out for you to make you successful and they’ll hold up their end of the bargain which is huge”

Nickey Wood | Forest Technology Systems