Client Overview

Over 15 years ago, an aerospace company came to us needing a specific manufacturing solution.

It required a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that didn’t yet exist, so we were excited to take on this unique challenge. Our team was able to help the company with their manufacturing challenge, and since then, we’ve worked together on a number of projects.

Working inside the engineering shop

The Story

They had a problem with no solution, an idea with nothing tangible, and a vision without a plan. It was clear they needed outside help to asses the issue, build a strategy, and manufacture something that’s never been done before.

We listened to what they needed to achieve, learned from their experiences, and understood the core values of their business. We walked them through our step-by-step process and customized a solution.

“They’re a great company—one of the best companies we’ve worked with. They’re great at coming up with solutions that no one else has thought of.”

Next, we designed a small-scale prototype. After review and approval, the development of a full-size prototype began, along with prints and manuals. They were thrilled to have a turn-key solution to what seemed like an impossible goal. We applied a comprehensive approach to ensure all basis were covered, and together, we worked towards the best solution to provide a remarkable result.

“We needed a range of services including machining, electrical, acquisition of equipment, design, manufacturing—and they were able to do it all.“

Dave smiling at his work station

The Results

In this particular case, the engineer faced many manufacturing and sourcing problems, which we were able to solve with an innovative piece of equipment.

We provided in-house manufacturing and a long-term solution to increase productivity, as well as profit.

From the client:

“Milroy  made a huge difference for our company -we’r e now able to manufacture in-house what we used to have to outsource. It’s much better than what is available anywhere else in the world, so we’re much more competitive

We pride ourselves on ensuring the equipment is on time, great quality, and cost effective. We’re also happy to maintain a strong communication process, offer feedback, and be accessible whenever questions or concerns arise. We value the fact a relationship has grown from one intricate project into an ongoing bond over efficiency and business development. The support we offer our clients does not end when we deliver a piece of machinery – we maintain a connection and help them through new obstacles.

Their testimonial speaks for itself:

“I would definitely recommend Milroy because they don’t just make what you want—they look at what you want and they tell you if there’s something better or more feasible. They do their due diligence on everything before they actually make the parts.”