Delivering high-quality custom parts

Our machining services include CNC mill work, CNC lathe work, TIG welding of aluminum and stainless steel, and fabrication. We’ve created a wide variety of parts over the years including helicopter valve bodies, aircraft tooling form blocks, precision optical fittings, and molds.

Quick Facts

Two journeyman machinists

Engineer and manufacture under one roof

  12 years in operation

Machining Bits
and Pieces


Our experts use innovative approaches enhanced by Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create, modify, and analyze three-dimensional drafts of the specific product(s) you need


We use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in our machining services and our lathe and millwork to operate on and transform materials into precise specifications.


Our SolidWorks 3D computer program aids our creation, analysis, and manufacturing process. Combined with the technology of MasterCAM’s toolpathing, our machinists can rapidly design and produce prototypes with the utmost accuracy.


For greater control and higher quality fabrication, we use Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) for welding aluminum and stainless steel to give you the exact outcome necessary.

Featured Project

Forest Technology Systems

They are a leading manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring systems, instrumentation, and communications technology for the hydrology, fire weather, and meteorology industries. FTS’ equipment is used in some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding environmental monitoring networks, so we were happy to help them with machining for some of their precision equipment.

“Super knowledgeable, very personable, honest, hardworking guys, they’ll stick their neck out for you to make you successful and they’ll hold up their end of the bargain which is huge”

Nickey Wood | Forest Technology Systems